Summer Driving Tips- Tips For a Safe Summer

Summer is here! The planning and prevention may take a little bit a time, but will spare you the headache of will with the consequences of a breakdown or even worse, a crash later on. These simple summer driving tips will help you and your family in preventing a tragedy.

Before You Go
  • Pack an emergency roadside kit with a cell phone and car charger, first aid kit, flashlight, jumper cables, tire jack, water, paper towels and non perishable food and medicine.
  • Check for recalls
  • Vehicle safety checklist (lights, cooling system, fluid levels, belts & hoses, wiper blades, a/c, floor mats & tires
Safety First-Protect Your Child
  • All children 13 years old or under must ride in the back seat
  • Make sure car seats are properly installed
  • Never leave your child unattended in or around your vehicle
  • Always remember to lock your vehicle
On The Road- Stay Alert

With the warm weather, this usually attracts many different types of roadway users including motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. While they all have the same rights, they are much more vulnerable in an accident. Always make sure to leave more distance between your vehicle and a motorcycle. Always make sure to signal your intentions so others can anticipate your movements and they can find a safe lane position. Here are a few mindful tips to always use while traveling in a high pedestrian area:

  • You can encounter a pedestrian at anytime
  • Pedestrians are often distracted, keep a close eye out for distracted pedestrians
  • Pedestrians are difficult to see in bad weather or at night
  • Do not assume a pedestrian can see you
  • Be especially attentive around schools and in neighborhoods where children are or could be playing. Remember it’s summer and children are our playing just as you did as a child.
Keep Kids Safe In The Car
  • Never leave a child alone in a parked car. NEVER
  • Always look around the front and back of the car before leaving and walking away
  • Heatstroke can happen in temperatures as low as 57 degrees
  • Always lock your vehicle doors and trunk and keep the keys out of a child’s reach
The May Firm Summer Driving Tips

At The May Firm, we wish everyone a safe and exciting summer of 2016. In the event of an accident this summer season, please contact your local personal injury lawyers at (805) 980-7758 for a free consultation.