Thanks to YouTube and viral videos, we can be entertained by watching people fall down over and over again. While it’s true that many slip and falls result in not much more than embarrassment, there is a potential for serious injury. Head and spinal cord injuries, fractures, shoulder, back and neck injuries can seriously impact your life.

Head and Spinal Cord Injuries.

CDC statistics prove that falls are serious. In fact, over 35% of traumatic brain injuries are caused by falling. A person could suffer from a simple concussion, or experience permanent brain damage from hitting their head after a fall. Spinal cord injuries are also abundant, with 25% of these types of injuries attributed to a fall. The spinal cord can be damaged as the person is falling and experiencing whiplash, which happens when the head is forcefully whipped back and forth. These types of injuries can result in devastating damage that can last a lifetime.


Fractures are known to occur anywhere on the body after a fall, and it all depends upon how you land. If you attempt to catch yourself or grab onto a railing during a fall, you’re more likely to break your arm. Landing hard on your bottom could result in a hip fracture, which is an especially dire situation for the elderly. Statistics show that elderly people who fracture a hip are rarely able to live independently afterward.

Shoulder and Knee Injuries.

Shoulder injuries are particularly painful, since gravity is working against you as you try to heal. When you land on your shoulder after a fall, or even if you try to break your fall with your hands, your rotator cuff in your shoulder can be seriously affected. Knees are one of the most affected body parts in a fall, as many people will fall on them or twist them as they fall. Just like the gravity problem with shoulder injuries, knees are also affected since they bear our weight. Recovering from both injuries takes time and can be very painful.

Neck and Back Injuries.

The neck can be injured from a whiplash injury sustained as you fall. While most whiplash injuries are easily overcome, some can be significant and lead to limited range of motion or severe headaches. Back injuries are also common in slip and fall accidents. They can affect your entire lower body, making it painful to walk, sit or even lay down.

While most slip and fall injuries can heal with time, the person will deal with a great amount of pain during the duration.

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