Scarring After a Dog Bite

As most flesh wounds do, dog bites that break the skin tend to scar during the healing process. Although this is simply how wounds tend to heal, they can be a constant reminder of the dog bite injuries and the trauma you  have endured.

Although a plastic surgeon can help to disguise the lasting effects of an animal bite, memories still last. In addition, children suffering from dog bite injuries suffer for years before they are old enough to receive plastic surgery.

If you’ve been the victim of a dog bite, it’s imperative that you consult with a Fresno dog bite lawyer to determine the damages you could be entitled to, especially if you’re dealing with scarring after a dog bite.

What if my dog bite scars?

Dogs can be lovable creatures, but the experience of being attacked and bitten by one of these animals can be mind-numbingly terrifying. You’re left bleeding, bruised and traumatized, and dealing with the aftermath of the bite can have more than just physical consequences. You’re left squeamish around strange dogs, and you’re afraid to pet an animal you haven’t met before in fear that it will attack.

It’s not uncommon for your dog bites to scar, and this means that you could be entitled to negligible damages that your California personal injury lawyer could help you win.

There are two common types of scars: keloid and hypertrophic. Both are disfiguring, although keloid scars are more damaging. Both can be treated by various types of plastic surgeries or laser removal.

How can a California personal injury lawyer help me?

A scarring dog bite can cause disfigurement, and even more pain and trauma than only the initial inflicting dog bite incurred. If you need to undergo reconstructive surgeries to minimize the aesthetic effects of a dog bite, a California personal injury lawyer can help you to ensure you get the settlement you need to cover your expenses. Your attorney can even fight for damages for negligence, especially because a high percentage of dog bites happen from neighbors’ dogs or dogs that you have been introduced to in some way, shape or form.

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