Santa Maria Car Accident Lawyers

As a resident of Santa Maria, auto accidents are a risk involved with driving on the state’s roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA) 2,857 residents were killed in traffic accidents along with an additional 612 pedestrians. As a resident, it is important to know what to do in case of an auto accident. Not all accidents are fatal, but all are complex and stressful events that require the correct approach. You could be a very safe driver, however, other people you share the road with may not be as responsible. Above all remember, you are not responsible for the failings of other drivers.

If you are injured by someone else’s negligence, you have the right to hire a Santa Maria car accident lawyer. But before getting to that it is important to know what to do after the accident occurs. Below are 5 helpful tips.

1. Go To A Doctor

Your health is of utmost importance. After an auto accident, always go see a certified physician. Injury following an auto accident is a very common event. According to the California Highway Patrol, 229,354 residents were injured in auto accidents in 2010. Injuries to the neck and back are common along with injuries to the legs and other joints. Plus injuries may not be apparent after the initial accident. You may walk away feeling perfectly fine and the next day be barely able to breathe due to bruised ribs. If injured in an auto accident, you have a right to recover the money you have to spend for your medical expenses. Also, some injuries are more than just a doctor’s visit. There could be hospital stays, physical therapy, and drug prescription cost involved in restoring you to full health. The injury attorneys at The May Firm will assist Santa Maria auto accident injury victims in obtaining medical care for the injuries they have sustained. This is one of the many reasons why hiring a local Santa Maria car accident lawyer is so important.

2. Report The Accident To The Police

Always be sure to report any car accidents that occur to the local authorities. Upon their arrival to the scene of the accident try to be as precise as you can be with the information you give. This is because a correct description of events such as the time, the place, and what caused it result in a more complete official report. This official police report becomes very important for your insurance company. Auto accidents can quickly break down into each party arguing their side of the event in an effort to avoid financial responsibility for the negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Without an official document as a starting point, the parties involved can and often do say whatever they want when describing how the collision occurred. So, in the event that you involved in a car accident, contact the police so they come to the scene and take a report. And just because you do not have a broken arm and you are not bleeding, DOES NOT mean you are not injured.

3. Collect Information At The Scene

In the case of an accident, you should always exchange information from any other persons involved in the accident. This seems like rather basic stuff, however, without it any insurance claims and hiring of a car accident lawyer becomes more difficult. The information you are looking for is driver’s license information such as name and address, vehicle registration numbers, plate numbers, and insurance information. Also pictures of your automobile and the accident scene can prove invaluable to later compensation. If there are any witnesses to the accident, be sure to get their statements and contact information. If/when a Santa Maria car accident lawyer is arguing your case, witness’ testimony ensures the truth comes to light and will assist in refuting the other driver’s version of how the car crash occurred. Together, this increases the likelihood of a successful outcome for your case. Our attorneys have written on the top 5 mistakes made after a California auto accident, so avoid the common pitfalls and protect yourself.

4. Do Not Admit Fault

When it comes to car accidents never admit fault. It is not your responsibility to determine fault in an auto accident. Fault is determined by the independent investigation. You can be polite and helpful to other persons involved in the accident but anything that can be considered as accepting of guilt or cause should be avoided. The only people you have to give any definitive statements to are the police. However, if you are unsure of what your statement should be or suffering from injury request medical aid first.

5. Call our Santa Maria Car Accident Lawyers

A fact that is often overlooked is that a car accident is much more than just a damaged car. When you are in an auto accident there is far more at stake. You stand to miss work, have medical expenses, and endure pain and suffering. The injuries you receive may require rehabilitation or continued care and you are entitled to recover that. The pain you go through during recovery does have a value and the negligence of others isn’t free. Furthermore, while recovering and getting your car repaired or replaced affects your job. Time away from work can be devastating to your career and you have the right to recover these losses. It is for these reasons, that hiring a car accident lawyer may be the most important thing to remember. Hiring a Santa Maria car accident lawyer is the only way you can be fully compensated. If you need the services of a Santa Maria car accident lawyer, call The May Firm. Our attorneys are born and raised in Santa Maria and will fight for your right to compensation. Call today for a free car accident injury case review.