Santa Barbara Traffic Accident Injury Lawyers

At the May Firm we pride ourselves on being  Santa Barbara’s leading traffic accident injury lawyers. We are dedicated to our core principle of protecting individuals and their families. Our lawyers have successfully tried and settled hundreds of Santa Barbara accident injury claims on behalf of our satisfied clients.

Santa Barbara Traffic Injury Statistics

According to a recent posting in 2013, 632 people were killed or injured in Santa Barbara as a result of traffic accidents. The California Office of Traffic Safety report is outlined as follows:

Type Of Collision                     Victims Killed or Injured                 

Total Fatal and Injury                    632

Alcohol Involved                             88

Drunk Driver Under 21                   5

Drunk Driver 21-34                         29

Motorcycles                                    14

Pedestrians                                     75

Bicyclists                                          116

Composite                                       297

When we look at the data for all of Santa Barbara county, approximately 1,576 people were killed or injured as a result of another persons negligence. At The May Firm we understand that many times these accidents are a result of another persons inattentiveness while on the roadway. Weather it be playing music too loud, texting, or talking on the phone the city and county of Santa Barbara has an epidemic of inattentive drivers.

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