San Luis Obispo Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents happen every day in San Luis Obispo and regardless of their severity, the injured persons involved are entitled to financial compensation for their injuries. Car accidents may happen to anyone including yourself whether it is a result of your own negligence or someone else’s. In San Luis Obispo, California, an insurance policy on hand will help cover for damages and medical expenses. However, depending on the details of the police report, your insurance coverage, and how you deal with your insurance company, it might not do a lot for you. Due to the fact that insurance companies profit from under compensating policyholders, it remains their sole goal to offer car accident injury victims the lowest settlement possible. Seeking legal assistance from a San Luis Obispo based car accident lawyer is advisable for various reasons including not having to go through unfamiliar and complicated procedures as well as increasing your chances of receiving a high and well-deserved settlement. Hire the caring and winning San Luis Obispo car accident lawyers at The May Firm to represent you in your case.

What Should You Do After A Car Accident

  • Call the police if you are conscious and able to do so from the scene of the accident and make sure you obtain a copy of the official police report that will contain important details such as the person at fault.
  • Gather details about the car accident once you have recovered from your injury. Secure a car accident report form from your insurance company and make sure to document all related expenses including repair costs for your damaged vehicle and medical costs.
  • Notify the person at fault’s auto insurance company as soon as you have compiled and reviewed all the relevant details of the car accident. Write them a general letter stating details no other than your name, date and place of accident, statement that you were injured, and date when the letter was written. This is to advise them of your intent to file a claim.
  • Hire a personal injury attorney prior filing your claim.

As earlier mentioned, auto insurance companies are experts in lowering settlements which is always the case for those who have no attorney to represent them. As car accident lawyers, we see the most common mistakes made after a California auto accident. Once you have decided to hire a local car accident lawyer, it is crucial that you look for the right one. In order to determine the right one for your case, you have to lay down your expectations. Evaluate your lawyer’s credentials and qualifications to better help you conclude if he or she will be able to meet your expectations.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer:

1. Hire a lawyer who practices in San Luis Obispo

If you are from San Luis Obispo, California, then you should hire one who has been serving your area for quite some time already. This guarantees that he or she is already familiar with the procedures in your locality which is a major factor that will contribute to the efficiency of service that you will receive. Further, if your injury attorney understands the local community and is familiar with the area, they will be better able to serve your specific case needs. The Central Coast is a very tight community, so it will not be difficult to find former clients that will be able to lend insight as to the ability and decency of the car accident lawyer that handles their accident injury claim.

2. Seek a lawyer who specializes in car accident and personal injury law

It is important to know upfront if your lawyer is knowledgeable and skilled enough to handle your case. Consider asking questions like:

Have you handled cases like mine in the past? If so, how many and what were the outcomes?
How long have you been practicing personal injury claims and how efficient will you be in handling my case?

3. Know your lawyer’s fees before you become a client

In most cases, personal injury attorneys will offer to get paid only if you win your settlement case. The fees the various car accident attorneys in San Luis Obispo charge will vary. Some attorneys charge fees well in excess of other injury lawyers in the community and many attorneys will take a full fee and leave the client with little to no personal financial recovery after the fees and costs are paid. Needless to say, the San Luis Obispo car accident lawyers at The May Firm will not do that. There are other case related expenses though that you might have to pay for during the process. Make sure you are aware of all these fees and ask if they are negotiable if needed. Lastly, you should never feel pressured to sign up as a client immediately. It is a personal decision and you should be afforded the opportunity to consider your legal options. If you feel pressured, then you are probably not consulting with the car accident lawyer best suited for your case.

4. Do Your Research

Filing a car accident claim is not an overly complicated process. However, getting the results you want is. To avoid wasting your time and money, it is wise to know your accident lawyer better so you have full confidence that he or she is willing to fight to get you the compensation you deserve. You can always do an online search and see what other clients have to say about your prospective car accident lawyer.

5. Find a lawyer that suits your personality

While experience and costs are important factors to your decision-making, compatibility with your lawyer is equally important. Resolving a car accident claim often takes up to and over a year to resolve, which means you will spend a lot of time communicating your lawyer. To avoid conflicts, pick a car accident lawyer who you feel most comfortable with.

San Luis Obispo Car Accident Lawyers

Maximizing profits is only motive of auto insurance companies. Do not let them do so by taking away what belongs to you. Find an attorney who knows how the system works and is willing to prioritize your case and walk you through the complexities of an auto accident claim.