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Finding the best San Luis Obispo car accident attorneys can be difficult. Many times it looks like there are so many car accident lawyers to choose from that it is hard to know who to choose or who to call. When choosing an auto accident attorney San Luis Obispo, look for a law firm that is dedicated to car accident and/or personal injury law. The May Firm is a personal injury law firm dedicated representing victims of serious injury accidents. Here you have found personal injury lawyers know the law, are prepared for the challenges of litigation and who provide dedication to client satisfaction. A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who is supposed to represent his client in all issues pertaining to any form of injury that is as a result of negligence. Such a lawyer will assist the client in collecting all forms of evidence that will help during the hearing of the lawsuit demanding compensation a well as help his client get the best medical treatment possible. He is also supposed to help in all forms of negotiations on behalf of his client. Such negotiations may be with the defendant’s lawyers on a settlement as well as with insurance companies.

The May Firm – Local Car Accident Attorneys

The May Firm has quite an astounding record when it comes to client representation in cases of personal injury. It is for this reason that you need to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer from this law firm in California. Doing this in the earliest time possible will help the lawyer build on the case by gathering all the necessary evidence as well as plan for the hearing if there is going to be any. The lawyer will also ensure that you get all the necessary help from insurance companies as most of the insurance companies are never willing to cooperate unless there is a lawyer present. The lawyer will ensure that the insurance company pays you the right value for your case. Without a lawyer, insurance firms might just take advantage of you and give you a compensation value that is not equivalent to your case.

In terms of settlement, hiring a San Luis Obispo auto accident attorney at The May Firm will be the best way to ensure that you get settled well. Make sure the lawyer you retain has the capability of negotiating a proper settlement and to litigate your case if necessary. Our accident lawyers will study your case and research the case to understand the best legal strategies. Further, our attorneys take pride in understanding our clients’ specific needs and how their life has changed because of the accident, which enables us to better communicate the full impact the injury has had on your life. This leads larger settlement that will benefit you in the long run. Negotiating for a settlement without the presence of a competent lawyer will work against you as you will get a settlement that will be quite unfair in all possible ways.

We strongly recommended that if you have been injured, prior to negotiating with the insurance company, that hire the best legal team you can and that you be represented by counsel. If you need a lawyer for car accident injuries, we know how to get results. We will review your case for free.

Types of Car Accidents

There are different types of auto accidents that you may be engaged in and in turn require compensation as well as settlement. The types of auto accidents include:Rear-end Collisions: These are accidents in which a car crashes into the one in front of it.

  • Side-impact Collisions: These are accidents that occur when a car runs into another at the side.
  • Head-on Collisions: These are accidents in which two cars collide head-on.
  • Multi-Vehicle Accidents: These are instances in which multiple cars are involves in an accident all at once.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

There are various types of injuries that you may suffer when you are involved in an auto accident. It is for such injuries that you may need compensation as well as settlement. The injuries that are as a result of auto accidents are normally divided into 3 categories i.e. minor injuries, moderate injuries as well as severe or catastrophic injuries. Minor injuries involve soft tissue injuries, cuts and scrapes, bruising as well as burns that are minor. Injuries categorized as moderate are concussions, back pains that are moderate, whiplash as well as fractures. Severe and catastrophic injuries include complex and compound fractures, injuries to the spinal cord, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), internal bleeding that is extensive, scarring that is permanent, disfigurement as well as paralysis that includes paraplegia or even quadriplegia.

The San Luis Obispo car accident lawyers at The May Firm understand the common accident injuries and have the know how to get you the best medical treatment.

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At The May Firm you need not worry about consultation fee, our automobile attorneys will take the time to talk to you about your case. Instead you will be able to talk to lawyers who will advise you on how to to take care of your case and get well again. We do not charge any fees for consultations and you will never pay our attorneys until we will your auto accident case. Contact The May Firm today to learn more.