Most Dangerous Roads In California

In terms of safety, there are so many contenders for worst roads to drive in California that it can be hard to narrow down the list. However, below are some of the most famous examples of the most dangerous roads in California.

Highway 138

When Dateline investigated the most dangerous roads in America, they singled out this highway as one of the very worst in the nation, with the worst stretch east of Palmdale and west of Interstate 15. Further, this highway poses so many different types of dangers, it exemplifies what’s wrong with so many of California’s two lane highways.

Long ago, Hwy 138 started out as a farm to market rural highway with very light traffic. The vehicles that originally traveled this road were much smaller and went much slower than the drivers who take this highway today. Now, it is overloaded to the hilt with inattentive tourists, SUVs, and semi-trucks. To make matters worse, it is also considered the more scenic route to Las Vegas and some call it a “short-cut to Vegas.” So, a disproportionate number of drunk drivers are also added into the mix.

Traveling enthusiasts affectionately call Hwy 138 the “Pearblossom Highway,” with famous stops like Joshua Tree National Forest, the Valley Hungarian Sausage & Meat Company, and Charlie Brown Farms. This narrow two-lane undivided highway may offer stunningly beautiful sunsets over the southern California desert, but the locals call it “Deathtrap Highway” or “Blood Alley,” and for good reason! In just a five year period, there were a total of 39 fatal car accidents on this highway- many more were severely injured.

With far more traffic than it was originally designed to hold and no divider, road rage becomes a significant factor on this narrow two lane highway. Drivers often try to pass in unsafe conditions and head on collisions are all too frequent. Further, the highway has not been maintained or upgraded enough to ensure safety even with the safest drivers. For example, there are no guardrails on this highway as it winds through the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, even in spots where there are 50+ feet drops!

Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange Joining I-105 and I-110

If you look at an aerial view of this interchange, it looks like something akin to a Chinese puzzle. The fact that people are able to navigate it all is a small miracle. It’s a baffling array of interwoven access roads and ramps. The complexity of this road design causes so much confusion and frustration, accidents happen all too frequently!

Juncture of Hwy 101 and the I-405 Freeway In Los Angeles

Traffic here is usually bumper to bumper with a tremendously long wait time. “Rush hour” lasts for more than five hours! As such, this is a hotbed of road rage with car shootings relatively common!

I-5 In San Diego County

This stretch of I-5 has heavy traffic with gamblers and drinkers headed to and from Las Vegas from San Diego. Lots of DUI’s and careless distracted driving leads to many accidents. The interstate is also very hilly which can make passing exceptionally dangerous.

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