What to Look For in a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers aren’t typically the type of lawyer you keep on speed dial. Nobody expects to get into an accident. However, life happens and it’s important to choose the right California personal injury lawyer if the situation arises.

Stress is high during times of injury. You might have to take unpaid leave from work. Medical bills are piling up. You feel helpless and overwhelmed, and you need the right lawyer to help you. If you’re looking for a California personal injury lawyer, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. What is their specialty?

Make sure you hire a personal injury lawyer who specializes in your type of accident. Some lawyers may work mostly with worker’s compensation, some with car accidents, and others with slip-and-fall accidents. Look for a lawyer with a good amount of experience in your specific type of case.

2. What is their past experience?

You want a California personal injury lawyer who is going to win your case. Check out a lawyer’s reviews or testimonials from past clients to see what the outcome in their case was. Of course, every case is different, so it’s important to keep in mind that a lawyer’s track record is not a guarantee. It is a pretty good indicator of how good of a lawyer they are, though. You can view our own testimonials here.

3. How much does the attorney cost?

Different personal injury law firms structure their fees differently. Some will take their fee from your winnings while others charge an hourly fee. Make sure your lawyer discusses their fees upfront before you sign anything so that you completely understand how they expect to be paid and are comfortable with it.

4. Do they offer a consultation?

Many attorneys will also offer free consultations, allowing you to shop around for the lawyer who you feel most comfortable working with. At The May Firm, we offer all potential new clients a free consultation so we can introduce ourselves and let you know exactly how we can help you to get the most from your case.

5. Do they have the resources to help them win your case?

When you hire a lawyer from a large firm with multiple attorneys, you can rest assured that they have resources at hand to help them out with your case should they need it. Hiring a lawyer that is not at a firm with multiple attorneys can have its advantages, but you want to make sure they have available resources for litigation.

6. Do you get along with your lawyer?

Personality, your lawyer’s attitude, and how they make you feel about your case matter. If a lawyer makes you feel small or uncomfortable, you don’t want them representing you. Find a lawyer who works with you to make you feel confident that they’re handling your case for you.

If you’re searching for a California personal injury lawyer, The May Firm can help you win your personal injury case.