Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often occur when there’s a jolt, blow, or knock to the head. The impact affects the brain and causes a wide range of symptoms. While some TBIs – such as mild concussions – resolve quickly, others cause lifelong disabilities. And, in the worst cases, TBIs are fatal.  

At the May Firm, we know how traumatic TBIs can be for the victim and their whole family. The rehab process can be debilitating, and you may feel overwhelmed by the road ahead.  

If you sustain a TBI due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a compensation claim. And our TBI lawyers want to help you pursue the justice you deserve. For a free, no-obligation meeting, call us now or contact us online.

How Common Are Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Head injuries, and TBIs, are worryingly common. TBIs include: 

  • Concussion 
  • Penetrating wounds e.g. knife wound  
  • Brain bruising 
  • Brain bleeding  

The symptoms depend on the type of TBI you have. They range from a mild headache to a complete loss of consciousness. TBIs often occur due to: 

How common are TBIs? Here are some alarming statistics.   

  • The CDC estimates that around 190 Americans die from TBIs every single day.  
  • There are, on average, 1.1 million ER visits due to TBIs each year in the US. 
  • Elderly adults are especially vulnerable to sustaining – and dying from – TBIs.  

While these deaths are not all accident-related, it shows just how common TBIs are in the US. And if someone else is responsible for your brain injury, then you must approach an attorney. You may have the legal right to make a personal injury lawsuit and claim compensation.

Claiming Compensation for TBIs

To file a civil lawsuit for a TBI, you must show that: 

  • Another party (e.g. a driver, doctor, nursing home) owed you a duty of care. 
  • This party breached their duty (e.g. elderly abuse, speeding, DUI).
  • Due to the other party’s negligence, you sustained a head injury.  

If you have a claim, you can sue for associated losses including: 

  • Pain and suffering 
  • Medical bills 
  • Rehab costs 
  • Lost wages 

How do you file for compensation? Your first step should be contacting a TBI lawyer.

What Do Brain Injury Law Firms Do?

If you’ve never hired a personal injury lawyer before, you might be unsure what they actually do. While every case is unique, here’s roughly how you can expect your TBI lawyer to help if you hire them.

Assess the Facts

First, a TBI lawyer will assess the facts, evaluate the evidence, and determine if you have a compensation claim. They’ll also value your claim based on the evidence available.

Doctor pointing at brain images on screen TBI victim

Compensation includes economic and non-economic losses. Some losses – such as medical bills – are easy to quantify. Others, such as pain and suffering, are not. Dedicated TBI lawyers, though, have the knowledge to make accurate assessments.

Conduct Investigations

TBI cases are complex. Brain injury law firms perform a range of investigations for clients, including: 

  • Reviewing medical records 
  • Determining who to sue  
  • Liaising with expert witnesses 
  • Contacting eyewitnesses 
  • Gathering evidence  
  • Valuing losses 

These investigations help to ensure that victims have a fair chance to claim the damages they deserve.

Handle Negotiations

Negotiating with insurers, opposing counsel, and other parties can be stressful for TBI victims. A brain injury lawyer will handle these negotiations for you.

This may include presenting evidence, hiring expert witnesses, and negotiating a settlement amount. It also involves bringing the case to a swift resolution if a settlement is reached. Your lawyer should try to expedite the process so you get your check as soon as possible.

Offer Court Representation

It’s rare for personal injury claims to go to trial. However, sometimes, a trial is necessary to improve a client’s chances of securing a fair amount of damages. At the May Firm, our TBI lawyers are experienced courtroom advocates. We will present the evidence in the strongest possible way and make a compelling case in your favor.

Provide Advice and Support

Personal injury claims can take months – or even longerto settle. A traumatic brain injury attorney will be with you each step of the way. They can help you understand: 

  • What’s happening at every stage of your case.  
  • The pros and cons of settling or going to trial.  
  • How long your case may take to settle.  
  • Where to access medical care while you await settlement.  

At the May Firm, our brain injury team is ready and waiting to help. We can explain who is entitled to financial compensation for TBIs and whether you have a case.

Do I Really Need a Brain and Spine Injury Attorney?

This is a common question. And, it’s completely understandable. After all, hiring an attorney can seem like a complicated process! But when you’re dealing with a significant injury, hiring a lawyer is critical.  

  • Legal negotiations can be complicated and time-consuming. When you’re trying to recover from an injury, this is the last type of stress that you need. An attorney will handle the legal matters for you, so you can focus on healing. 
  • Personal injury law is complex. There are standards of evidence to meet and multiple rules to follow. A brain and spine injury attorney understands what’s required and can simplify the process for you.  
  • It’s hard to quantify damages in TBI and spine injury cases. A TBI lawyer knows how to value your case, and they can explain, based on various factors, what a “fair” offer might look like.   
  • The prognosis for TBIs and nerve injuries can be unclear. An attorney will ensure that you pursue a settlement that reflects your future needs, as far as possible.  

Our brain and spine injury attorneys are here to put you at ease. From the moment you contact us, we’ll keep the process simple. Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss an LA brain injury case.

Why You Should Hire a Local TBI Lawyer

It is not just about hiring a TBI lawyer – you need a local TBI lawyer. Here’s why.  

  • Network: Local lawyers typically build long-term relationships with opposing counsel, judges, and law enforcement. This allows the attorney to have more meaningful negotiations and discussions about your case. There may be a greater chance of receiving a fair settlement offer before proceeding to trial.   
  • Proximity: It’s easier for you to meet your lawyer if they’re local. Meeting your lawyer is key to building trust and feeling more in control of your personal injury claim. Whether you visit their office or they come to you, you’ll feel part of the family with a local lawyer. 
  • Local Knowledge: A local lawyer has a unique understanding of the environment, such as hazardous roads and crime rates. They can use this invaluable knowledge to help negotiate a settlement.   
  • Community: Local attorneys care about their community. They understand what matters to residents, and how to support them in their time of need.  

The May Firm’s connection to Central CA goes back four generations. We’re deeply rooted in Los Angeles and we consider the wider community part of our family. If you need a local TBI lawyer, we’re here for you.

Choosing a Traumatic Brain Injury Law Firm

Choosing a brain injury law firm can seem daunting. If you’re unsure how to proceed, here are some tips for choosing a brain and spine injury attorney. 

  • Look at their website. Do they have successful past case results? Firms with a track record of success may be better prepared to handle your case effectively.   
  • Consider testimonials from past clients. Happy clients are a “green flag” that you’re dealing with competent, professional, and experienced lawyers.  
  • Check for acknowledgmentsAwards and accolades suggest that the firm’s attorneys are trusted and experienced.   
  • Schedule a meeting. You should feel comfortable with your attorney from the moment you walk through the firm’s doors. You should know that they’ll treat your case with the respect it deserves.  
  • Be wary of promises. The right TBI lawyer for you will be honest about your case and any challenges they foresee. Hiring even the best TBI lawyer in CA is no guarantee of success!

Get a Free Consultation with a Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffers a TBI after an accident, call the May Firm. As experienced TBI lawyers in CA, we understand what you’re going through. We appreciate how stressful the recovery process may be, and how confusing the legal process can seem.

White model of brain surrounded by blue stethoscope

Whatever the prognosis, TBI victims each have something in common. They all have legal rights – and they deserve the chance to pursue them. Our TBI attorneys can help you understand these rights and how to get compensation for your injuries. We will simplify the legal process, allowing you to focus on recovery while we handle the case.  

Brain injuries are inherently complex. No two injuries are the same. But our brain injury team has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to help you on your journey to justice.  

It all starts with a consultation with our TBI team. This initial meeting is always free, and we don’t charge anything for work completed unless we win your case. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain from contacting us

Call the May Firm now for a free consultation.  

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