You are facing medical bills and lost wages at work. What now?

When you are injured in an accident, you rely on a doctor to make a diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment. A physician is knowledgeable in the field of medicine. You want a competent, experienced physician to ensure that you stay healthy.

An auto accident lawyer is knowledgeable about the law. He or she understands the intricacies of personal injury law and can help protect your rights for the best possible outcome. Just like you want a competent, experienced doctor treating you, you want a qualified, experienced lawyer on your side.

Watch Out For Quick Settlement Offers From The Insurance Company!

The insurance company has a team of lawyers to protect their interests. The insurance company is about making money, and your case could potentially cost money. They may offer you a low-ball sum to settle the case quickly. Don’t short-change yourself; have an attorney look over any offer from the insurance company before you sign anything or verbally accept. We have seen SO many clients settle their claim prematurely, without getting what they were legally entitled to. Remember, once the settlement release is signed your case is done…there are no do overs.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer? Can’t I Just Handle it Myself?

You may want to represent yourself, but would you diagnosis yourself after a serious injury or would you rely on a professional who has the proper training? You can turn to an auto accident lawyer to answer questions regarding the complexities of the law.

  • There is a statute of limitations, or time limit to file a claim.
  • California has shared fault laws, which means you could share some of the liability.
  • California has limits on the amounts and types of damages that may be awarded.

An experienced lawyer will also have exactly that — experience. He or she will be familiar with court proceedings and how to settle a case fairly. And remember, some cases will not settle until a lawsuit is filed. So unless you want to file your own lawsuit, serve legal documents, conduct written discovery, take depositions and prepare your case for trial. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best choice you can make after an accident. Just knowing an experienced attorney, your advocate, is handling all of the details provides peace of mind. A reputable law firm should be willing to discuss your case before asking for any fees.

OK, I Want a Lawyer. What Kind of Outcome Can I Expect?

Unfortunately, there is no one formula for a personal injury case. Each case is unique. Some factors to consider when determining case value and expected recovery are:

  • How serious are the injuries?
  • Was there a loss of earnings (past and/or future)?
  • How was your life affected by the accident?
  • How much insurance coverage is available?
  • What insurance company is defending your claim?

There are literally hundreds of factors that go into assigning and determining case value. Too many to list in a blog post. Our suggestions, do a little research and look for an attorney who will treat you like family. Look up their case results to find previous cases and see if the firm has handled cases similar to yours. Contacting an attorney, even one you don’t hire, can assist you in knowing what to expect and often times you will get some tips on how to best to handle your case.

An auto accident lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected and that a fair settlement is reached. There is no single algorithm to determine the monetary value for the disruption (loss of enjoyment of life) a car crash has caused, but knowing that medical bills will be paid, lost wages will be replaced, that therapy and other treatments are covered and that you do not have deal with the insurance companies will be a great relief to you and your loved ones.