If you have been injured in a car accident or any accident injury – a back injury lawyer will help. Every year in the state of California, hundreds of people suffer back injuries as a result of serious accidents. Back injuries can be caused in a variety of ways including falls, automobile accidents, explosions, and errors during surgery. A back injury can result in a lifetime of pain and disability. Some people become so disabled by their injuries that they can no longer work. In California, a victim of a back injury that occurs as a result of an accident can obtain the help of a back injury lawyer and file a case for compensation under California law.

Need a Lawyer for a Back Injury?

All back injuries are different. Some back injuries will eventually heal and leave no lingering effects, but in other cases, the effects are felt for a lifetime. Many of the people who develop back injuries become very depressed because of the pain they feel constantly and because of the loss of their mobility and independence.
People who have suffered severe back pain as a result of a fall or accident often find it very difficult to get adequate compensation because damage to soft tissues in the body will not always be apparent when an X-ray of the area is studied. This can be very devastating for the victim involved since the pain of the back injury after an accident may cause loss of mobility, insomnia, constant suffering, and loss of income.

Back Injury Lawyer for a Serious Injuries

Back injuries can have even more serious consequences because the victim may become paralyzed if the spinal cord is damaged as a result of the accident. The extent of the resulting paralysis will vary according to which part of the spinal cord was damaged. A person who has received severe spinal cord injuries may become a paraplegic or a quadriplegic.
Treating back injuries can be very expensive as ongoing therapy will be required for a long time. A back injury that results in paralysis may result in a substantial loss of income and large medical expenses. People who suffer severe back injuries may require expensive mobility devices and ongoing nursing care. In some cases, the home must be remodeled to accommodate a loss of mobility. All these are expenses that the injured person must try to recoup from the negligent party.
People who have just had a major life-changing injury due to an accident will be affected emotionally as well as physically. These people are often very preoccupied with the pain they are experiencing and they must come to terms with the loss of their mobility and independence. At such a time, they are also faced with the necessity of trying to obtain some legal compensation for their injuries and the loss of income they have suffered. In addition to payment for pain, suffering, and lost income, under California law, the victims are also entitled to reimbursement for medical expenses that are incurred as the result of the accident.

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An experienced back injury lawyer in California will help the victim by creating the strongest possible legal case so the client can receive the proper amount of compensation for the injuries that occurred. Our attorneys have represented many clients suffering with back injuries and we have the experience to maximize the value of your case and get you the best medical treatment. Call (805) 980-7758 or fill out our contact form to speak with a back injury attorney.