Any time that you have been injured in a bus accident, whether you were a passenger or a bystander to the accident, you are entitled to receive compensation from the mass transit authorities. Since these companies are insured for massive amounts of money, it is crucial to hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible in order to mount a settlement against the company. Without an attorney, the bus company or their insurance provider may harass you or get you to settle the case as soon as possible for only a fraction of what you are owed. They may even attempt to find information about your personal life or legal history in order to swing the case the other way.

Bus Accident Insurance Companies Do Not Work For You!

While they may put on a friendly face and convince you that a quick settlement is best, the attorneys representing a bus company or an insurance provider are never looking out for your best interest. Their only consideration in a bus accident settlement is to get the matter resolved at the earliest possible date, to keep the damages down to an absolute minimum, and to avoid any bad press for their company. Without a personal injury attorney on your side, their claims may seem reasonable and even favorable to your interests, but giving the case over to a professional lawyer will give you a better chance of gaining the restitution for an accident that you deserve.

California Bus Accident Law

The population of California and the number of bus services in operation make it inevitable that frequent accidents will occur. Companies like the Los Angeles MTA, the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, the Antelope Valley Transit, and the Foothill Transit all are required by law to keep million-dollar insurance policies for their drivers and their vehicles. This insurance covers personal injury, lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. A bus that causes an accident will use their lawyers to make every effort necessary to ensure that they will not accept responsibility; it is up to the plaintiff to bring a case or else they will end up with nothing. Many bus companies are willing to save money on costs and training, even if it means putting an unsafe driver on the road. An experienced personal injury attorney can be the difference between a major settlement, sometimes in the millions of dollars, and coming away with barely enough to pay your hospital bills.

Free California Bus Accident Injury Consultation

If you have been injured in a bus collision, you can bring a bus accident settlement against the company and gain a considerable financial settlement. Contact a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation so that you can explain the facts of the case and begin to plan a suit against the bus company. Insurance will only give you the bare minimum, so it is necessary to take action against the company. Remember that these attorneys work on commission so that it is just as much in their interest to win the case and deliver a favorable judgment.