In addition to sustaining bodily harm, victims of dog attacks can be extremely traumatized by this frightening experience. A dog attack lawyer can help ensure victims receive compensation for their injuries and whatever trauma they endured from the ordeal. Bodily harm is but one negative aspect of a dog attack; many victims suffer from the trauma of the attack for weeks or months afterward. A professional attorney will work on your behalf to see you get the treatments you deserve. He or she will gather all the necessary evidence for your case and file a legal claim against the dog owner’s insurance carrier. Your lawyer will then represent you in this claim, making sure every aspect of the incident is taken into consideration so you can receive the full physical and emotional compensation you need.

California Dog Attack Injury Law

Most dog attack victims are unaware of the legalities of their situation or how to go about receiving compensation for their ordeal. In many cases, the trauma of the situation impedes clear thinking, making it difficult for victims to act on their own behalf. This is where contacting a professional dog attack lawyer immediately can be of tremendous assistance. Insurance companies can be very difficult and uncooperative to deal with when it comes to dispatching money for compensation of claims. A professional attorney’s knowledge of the law and experience in handling personal injury cases will ensure you receive a just and fair settlement for your suffering.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney After a Dog Attack

A professional attorney’s prompt and efficient action on your behalf can increase your chances of getting higher compensation for your claim. Depending on the dog attack situation, this compensation could include short or long term medical treatment, loss of wages, pain and suffering, etc. Recent statistics show that over 4 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Unfortunately, over 70% of dog bite victims are children. In California, legislation concerning dog attacks clearly holds dog owners responsible for any injuries their canines inflict upon others. This includes attacks which may occur on public property and the owner’s personal premises, if the victim had permission to be in either one of these locations. Dog attacks can occur at any time, any place, especially when you least expect them. Knowing what steps to take in advance can help alleviate the stress and strain of the situation and make sure your rights are being protected.

Find The Right Lawyer For Your Dog Attack Case

If you or any member of your family sustains dog attack injuries, contacting a personal injury attorney immediately can save you time, money and stress in having to deal with this situation on your own. You can find personal injury attorneys listed on the Internet or Yellow Pages of the city where you live. As a dog attack victim, you have the right for medical compensation as well as compensation for mental or emotional duress suffered as a result of the ordeal. In the event dog owners and their respective insurance carriers negate your claim or offer little compensation for your injuries, a professional attorney will defend your rights and fight to get the compensation you deserve. Make sure you find the right lawyer for you dog attack lawsuit, call The May Firm.