Hire A Lawyer For Your Car Accident Injury

The state of California in the United States is a hotspot for auto accidents, which is why a car accident attorney can be your best ally. One factor that contributes to this scenario is the bustling traffic en route to Los Angeles and its adjacent counties, which provides a setting for numerous accidents. For this reason, a good car accident injury lawyer in this state is likely to be very busy. Typically, car accident attorneys are responsible for preparing and launching claims on behalf of their clients (either the victim or his or her immediate family) assuming someone else was at fault for the accident. As such, attorneys must obtain police statements on the accident, witness reports, and affidavits, traffic camera footage of the accident, medical reports, and other relevant evidence related to the case. The lawyer then approaches the at fault driver’s insurance company with a claim letter demanding compensation for the victim. The insurer may decide to either pay full damages, or negotiate for a lower figure, or reject the claim altogether. If all negotiations fail at this point, the lawyer can file for a civil suit in court.

Reasons For Hiring A California Car Accident Injury

A personal injury attorney is familiar with California traffic laws regarding insurance and liability. In the Golden State, one is likely to receive compensation for car accidents resulting from negligence, intentional misconduct, and strict liability by the other driver. Therefore, an experienced legal counsel can help to prove the plaintiff’s role in the accident and possible win a lawsuit. In the past, insurance companies could assess the facts of a case, and determine a fair amount based on the principle of Utmost Good Faith. Today, however, law courts can intervene in the claims process in the event of proven foul play by an insurer. Therefore, one can obtain restitution for dental care, plastic surgery, loss of income, pain, vehicle write-off, and medical expenses due to an accident. A good lawyer can even help one to obtain reimbursement if the at fault driver is uninsured, underinsured, or financially unstable.

Importance Of Acting Fast After The Car Accident

In California, there is a two-year statute of limitation for filing personal injury claims against other individuals or entities. This highlights the importance of acting fast after an accident occurs. Victims or their immediate family members should notify an experienced personal injury attorney of the accident as soon as possible. This will give the lawyer sufficient time to prepare for the tough battle ahead. This includes interviewing witnesses, gathering police reports, medical evaluations, expenses, and insurance reports. The availability of clear and relevant evidence allows the attorney to demand for the maximum amount of damages possible from the insurance company to the benefit of the victim.

Consult an Auto Accident Injury Attorney Today

Automotive accident victims or their loved ones should take a proactive step immediately after an accident. Many personal injury law firms provide free consultation services for prospective clients. The initial consultation determines whether one’s case is eligible for compensation. Once the personal injury lawyer finds merit in a case, he or she is likely to take it on a contingency fee basis. Here, victim is not required to pay for anything until the insurance company makes payment. If the claim fails to go through, one would not have to pay the law firm any cent.