Hire A Back Injury Lawyer Santa Barbara CA

One of the most common physical injuries associated with an automobile accident or motorcycle accident is a back injury. Spinal cord injuries vary in severity which can include sprains, strains, disc herniation and even paralysis. If you have suffered such an injury from an auto accident, hire the best back injury lawyer in Santa Barbara and call The May Firm today at (805) 330-6467 for a free case consultation.

The May Firm California Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured, speaking with a qualified California personal injury lawyer is critical. Why? Because handling an injury claim alone will likely lead to a smaller settlement and the insurance company will do everything to fight your claim. Do not handle a complex legal matter alone, speak with a personal injury attorney first.

What To Expect From Case Consultation

First, the Consultation Is Free! Unlike most attorneys that charge $250 an hour just to speak with them, our attorneys do not charge a fee for the consultation. No matter how long the consultation lasts, you will never receive a bill from The May Firm for consulting with our attorneys.

The Next Steps

If you want to proceed with a personal injury claim, you need to know what to expect. Through years of experience, our injury lawyers will be able to advise you as of the following: 1) What you should and should not do; 2) How to protect yourself and your family; and, 3) How long your case (depending on the type of case) will last.