This question always comes up after someone is injured in a car accident. The answer is yes, you need an attorney for car accident injuries. You need a car accident lawyer if you were injured in a car accident and it was not your fault. Why? Experienced car accident lawyers will provide much legal assistance, prevent you from being tricked by the insurance company, and maximize the value of your case. Do not underestimate how tough insurance companies are on people injured in a car accident. There are several types of injuries that someone can suffer following a car accident and some of the injuries are not visible immediately after an accident. Ongoing injuries can result in continuing long-term treatment and additional surgeries that are an extensive financial burden without the assistance of a car accident attorney. Calling a car accident attorney should be considered imperative and be completed immediately following an accident.

What if I Don’t Know Whose Fault it is?

To recover compensation for a car accident you must not be at fault for the accident. If you are a passenger, then you are not at fault. Also, police reports are not always accurate when attributing fault, which is why you should always speak with an attorney. If you don’t know who is at fault – contact a car accident attorney. Never admit fault if you are in a car wreck – have your injury attorney handle communication between all the parties involved, which includes:

  • Insurance Companies – both your insurance company and the at fault driver’s insurance company
  • Opposing attorneys
  • Vehicle Repair Services
  • Medical Professionals

Report the Car Accident Immediately

Importance lies in the timeliness in which the auto accident is reported and in how quickly you obtain medical assistance after the accident. However, there is still time to hire an attorney for a good amount of time after an accident. The time limit varies state to state, but to avoid any time delay explanation, report the accident as soon as possible and with minimal information until a car accident lawyer is retained. The police will perform a preliminary accident investigation and provide a report. However, it is also important for individuals to log personal details of the incident that include:

  • Time of the accident (Indicating level of light/darkness)
  • Conditions of the Road (Rain, snow, ice, etc.)
  • Pictures of the vehicles involved (Any and all damage that is visible
  • Pictures of the injuries (Even if an injury does not seem to be visible, take a picture of the affected area)
  • Weather Conditions
  • Witnesses and Statements (As many as possible surrounding the accident)

In A Car Accident – Do Not Speak With the Insurance Companies

One of the most important things to remember is not speak with the car insurance claims representatives – this includes your auto insurance company! Never accept any type of settlement from the insurance company, and certainly do not sign any documentation without consulting a car accident attorney. This is the job of the injury attorney hired for the car accident. Even a year after a car accident, a victim is entitled to compensation if and when injuries are getting worse.

Car accident compensation includes:

  • Reimbursement for medical care and pharmacy bills
  • Cost of present AND future medical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Property damage
  • Reasonable rental car coverage
  • Any towing or storage associated with the accident

Auto accident victims have peace of mind after contacting a car accident attorney because they have their questions answered. The unknown causes additional stress on those injured in an accident. The injury law firm will be able to answer questions about property damage, medical expenses, loss of earnings and all the other issues that arise. The accident lawyers at The May Firm have great success in pursuing compensation for injured victims even if the accident occurred months prior to contacting the injury lawyer.

Always Contact An Attorney for a Car Accident

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