California Motorcycle Helmet Laws

A motorcycle helmet has been proven to keep motorcycle drivers safe in the event of an accident. Although it’s encouraged to always drive with a helmet on, it’s not required by law in all 50 states. And for a quick jump into California motorcycle helmet laws: According to Vehicle Code Section 27803 all motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet.

Only 19 out of 50 states require that all motorcycle drivers wear a helmet, and California is one of those states. These states are considered universal helmet law states. 28 out of 50 states have universal or partial helmet laws, meaning that riders under a certain age are required to wear a helmet, but not over.

Why is wearing a helmet so important?

At The May Firm, we’re shocked that wearing a motorcycle helmet is not required across the board in all 50 states. Motorcycle crashes are nearly always serious, and 80% of them result in the death or serious injury of the motorcyclist. The risk of a serious head injury caused by a motorcycle accident decreases by 69% when a helmet is worn, and motorcycle helmets saved the lives of over 7,400 people over a 10-year period while 6,300 not wearing helmets died.

Riding a motorcycle is already a risk. Why not protect yourself by wearing the proper gear? One of the reasons that motorcycle accident injury cases can be so difficult to work with is that there is a taboo that comes with riding a motorcycle. This is why it is so important to follow all motorcycle protocol and wear all of the recommended safety gear.

This includes following all traffic laws required by motorcycle drivers. It also includes wearing a helmet at all times when driving (or riding–passengers too!) a motorcycle, as well as protective clothing. Long pants, long shirts, thick jacket, chaps, boots, and gloves can help protect your body from road rash in the event of an accident. When you prove that you’re trying to be as safe as possible, you’re more likely to win your motorcycle accident case.

And when you wear all of the protect gear, including your motorcycle helmet, you’re more likely to live through a motorcycle accident, should one occur.

If you regularly drive a motorcycle, protect yourself by putting on a helmet. It’s not only the smart thing to do, but it’s required by California motorcycle helmet laws.