California Child Safety Seat Accident Attorneys

As a parent, buckling up your child as well as yourself is the single most effective thing you can do to protect you and your child from being injured or killed in a car crash. Before every trip, make sure that everyone in your car is safety bucked up and secure. Thousands of children are injured or killed each and every year because their safety seats are not installed or used properly. If your not confident of how secure your child is, click on this link to locate a local area office anywhere in California. If you’re ever involved in an accident, contact your local California child safety seat accident attorneys at The May Firm.

Avoiding Common Car Seat Mistakes
  • Tightness of installation- A properly installed child safety seat should not be able to move more than one inch in any direction
  • Position of shoulder straps- While the chest clip should always be ay armpit level, for rear-facing seats, the should straps anywhere below your baby’s shoulders. For forward-facing seats, the shoulder straps should be at or above the child’s shoulders.
  • Pinch test- Once the harness is buckled, test the tightness by trying to pinch extra material at the top of your child’s shoulders. If you’re able to pinch the strap, your harness is too loose.
  • Check the belt path- Convertible safety seats that transition from rear-facing to forward-facing have multiple slots for assembling the seat belt during installation. Always make sure to check the instruction manual to assure that the seat belt is routed properly.
  • Use the top tether- You can optimize the safety of your child’s safety seat by using the top tether strap located at the top of the seat. Again, always check your safety manual for instructions to properly assemble.
California Child Safety Seat Accident Attorneys | The May Firm

At The May Firm, we’re dedicated to helping every injured individual and their family as they navigate the difficult and sometimes confusing claims process. Should you or anyone you know ever be injured by the negligence of another, please contact your local California child safety seat accident attorneys at The May Firm today. Consultations are always free.