Common Causes of a California Car Accident

At The May Firm, we deal with California car accident cases all the time, and we see so many different types of accidents happen. Anytime a car accident occurs, it is always a scary and unfortunate time. It’s stressful dealing with insurance claims, doctor’s appointments, unplanned medical expenses, and more.

In order to avoid these issues, it’s smart to know what the most common causes of a California car accident are so you can try to avoid one in the future.

1. Distracted Driving

There are many things that constitute distracted driving, but the first is, of course, texting while driving. When you’re texting while operating a motor vehicle, you’re looking away from the road for long periods at a time. Anything could happen during those five seconds you’re writing your text message. It’s dangerous and it’s not worth it, so put the phone away when you’re behind the wheel.

Other instances of distracted driving include reading, grooming or putting on makeup, and disciplining children. Although it’s tough to hold out when you have kids acting up in the back, try to save the turning around and disciplining for when you’re stopped at a traffic light or have parked.

2. Speeding

The faster you drive, the more dangerous a California car accident can become, and the easier it is for you to lose control of your vehicle. When you’re driving extremely fast, the energy required to stop your vehicle increases to the point that an accident at a high speed is likely to kill you and most (if not all) parties involved. Pay attention to speed limits and don’t drive at dangerous speeds.

3. Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving includes doing things like cutting drivers off, changing lanes abruptly and recklessly, driving too close to drivers in front of you, and road rage accidents.When we’re on the road, we all have places to be, so try to be respectful of all other drivers and do not react if another driver irks you.

4. Driving Under the Influence

Impaired driving is dangerous, it can get people killed, and it’s illegal. Please, if you are under the influence, call a cab or call a friend.

5. Bad Weather

The weather can actually be a big factor in car accidents as well. Rain, snow, or fog can impair a driver’s vision of the road and surrounding objects, making a car accident more likely. If you’re driving during any of these conditions, drive slowly, keep your lights on, and be hyper aware of anything around you.

6. Fatigue

Being too tired to drive can be dangerous. If you’re taking on a road trip solo or have been awake for too many hours and are struggling to keep your eyes open, pull over at a rest area or a hotel and get some sleep. Falling asleep at the wheel is a more common cause of accidents than you realize.

If you’ve been injured in a California car accident, call The May Firm to help you with your case.