5 Safety Tips to Decrease Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Everything about California makes it an ideal place if you are a motorcycle enthusiast – apart from its rising fatal motorcycle accident rate. You would not think that somewhere so picturesque, with generally such agreeable weather conditions would be a dangerous place to ride. Looks can be deceiving, so this article will provide five safety tips to decrease the number of fatal motorcycle accidents.

Statistics Regarding Motorcycle Accident Fatalities

No-one likes to think about the possibility of losing their life due to recklessness on the part of themselves or another driver. Yet it is a sad fact that according to recent statistics, the volume of motorcycle-related deaths and injuries in California is currently on the rise. This means that if you regularly ride a motorcycle, be it to work, recreational purposes, or just to get from A to B, chances are you might be one of those in need of legal aid from a motorcycle accident attorney at some point in your life.

How to Avoid A Deadly Motorcycle Crash

Of course, nobody can 100 percent guarantee their safety on the road, no matter what their method of transport may be, but here are top some tips to decrease the frequency of fatal motorcycle accidents.

1) Always Wear a Helmet – It’s First Line of Defense

This is not an option, it’s the law in California to always wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. This is also the best thing you can do with the aims of not getting yourself killed. After all, you only have one head, you can’t function without one, and it’s your responsibility to personally see to its safety. In the US, 429 motorcyclists were killed in 2010. 56 percent of those motorcyclists were NOT wearing helmets when the crash occurred. By wearing a helmet,you’re greatly increasing your chances of survival in the worst possible circumstances.

2) Always Look Out For Motorcyclists On The Road

Whether you’re driving a car, or another bike, always check twice for motorcyclists as they can be harder to spot than other cars. Often, a group of motorcyclists will ride together, and often there could be one or two stragglers racing to catch up with the rest. Always double-check your mirrors and any blind-spots.

3) Wear Protective Gear To Reduce the Likelihood of Serious Injury

This can include jackets, gloves, and accessories such as padding. This is to protect your body and cushion it in the event of a crash, as you may come up against some very tough surfaces at high speeds. Today there are so many options available for any type of weather, riding style and for style preferences. You can even purchase Kevlar motorcycle riding jeans for additional protection! !t’s not rocket science, so protect yourself as much as possible. Spend the money, it’s worth to find the best protective equipment to keep yourself.

4) Obey The Speed Limit…And All Traffic Law for that Matter!!

It may be tempting to speed, or race to keep up with your buddies, but you-won’t be doing yourself any favors by breaking the law and endangering yourself and other motorcyclists. The speed limit is there for a reason. Motorcycles are more difficult to spot than other cars, so give car drivers a chance to see you and take appropriate preventative action. In the event of a collision,the faster you’re going, the more likely you’ll suffer serious injuries or worse.

5) Drive Sensibly: Don’t be a Daredevil…You’re not Evil Knievel

This means using common sense;don’t drive when tired, avoid driving altogether if you’ve been drinking or may be under the influence of narcotics. Follow the traffic laws that have been put in place for your safety. If you’re driving in a group, look out for the other drivers and be constantly aware of your surroundings. Dress for the weather, and try to avoid hazardous road conditions which could cause you to slip or crash. If you absolutely cannot avoid the weather, be sure to take your speed into account and slow down adequately. Ensure your lights are working at all times. Remember, other motorists will not be looking for you. Look out for yourself, be vigilant in riding safely. Don’t let your guard down or assume you’re an expert. The best riders are diligent in keeping themselves safe at all times. Typically it’s less experienced riders that believe themselves to be experts that end up in the worst situations. Avoid lazy or arrogant riding at all times.

If You Need Assistance, Consult A Motorcycle Injury Attorney

If you and your family are dealing with the loss of a loved one after a fatal motorcycle accident, contact the May Firm today. We have experienced motorcycle accident lawyers that have represented families dealing the grief of losing a loved involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. At The May Firm, our lawyers and staff are motorcycles riders, so we care on a personal level for the safety and protection of riders everywhere. Let our caring team of professionals help you every step of the way in order to ensure justice is served.