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Car accidents typically happen very suddenly, and the motorist who is hit usually has no warning that they are in danger. Sadly, more than 20 people die every year in Fresno car accidents. And those who survive can suffer from a long list of personal injuries, including some of which are horribly painful and debilitating.

If you or a loved one have recently been injured by the negligent actions of another driver, it is important to hire the best Fresno car accident attorney possible and take swift action to protect your legal rights.

Fresno has a population of more than 520,000, which makes it one of the largest cities in California. When you combine this with a road system that includes California State Routes 180, 99, 41 and 168, it is no wonder that so many Fresno car accidents happen. The reality is that every city has traffic accidents that lead to personal injuries and fatalities, but larger areas such as Fresno present a bigger risk to motorists.

Fortunately, you can turn to Fresno car accident attorneys at The May Firm to help you take action against the responsible party.

Big Results for Fresno Car Accident Victims

As Fresno car accident lawyers, we have dealt with many cases like yours. To date, we have successfully secured millions in combined damages for our clients from courtroom verdicts and out-of-court settlements. Fresno car accident victims often suffer from some of the very worst personal injuries.

Therefore, we vow to fight tirelessly until your needs are met. Some of the previous individual cases that have been handled by our car accident lawyers have ended in seven figure sums, including one incident involving a rear-ending that was settled for $2.3 million.

Why Call A Fresno Car Accident Attorney?

It is unfortunate that the insurance industry and lawyers representing people at fault have a strong interest in ensuring that personal injury victims do not recover the full amount of their damages. However, with the assistance of a Fresno car accident attorney, you can get the settlement you deserve.

A Fresno car accident lawyer will increase your settlement by finding out facts, investigate applicable insurance coverage, get you the appropriate medical treatment and fight endlessly for a fair settlement.

At The May Firm our attorneys will guide you through the complex maze of financial and legal matters and give you a straightforward answer regarding how much your case is worth and how he/she will pursue it. The act of hiring a personal injury lawyer adds value to the ultimate settlement since the insurance company will know that you are serious about receiving what you deserve and you will therefore not be intimidated with low settlement offers.

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys

Sometimes injuries from an accident don’t show up right away, or more precisely, they go undetected for a while. For example, you may have an injury that you don’t know is there because you don’t immediately experience pain from it. However, you may experience pain at a later date and the injury may become more severe if it is not treated immediately.

Car accident attorneys are good at knowing what medical expertise you need to seek to know for sure what your injuries are now and may be in the future as a result of the accident. Never just walk away from a car accident because you don’t feel pain immediately!

Choose an Award-Winning Legal Firm

You have many options to choose from, but you also deserve the very best. The Fresno car accident attorneys at The May Firm has been honored numerous times by the legal industry for providing exemplary legal services and customer service, and our high success rate has also received award recognition.

If you have been injured in the Fresno area by a car, truck or motorcycle accident, take action today. Remember, the call is free and our team is here to give you the best advice. Our best interests are your best interests. We aim to provide the personal service you deserve.

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We understand that a personal injury makes it difficult to work, so we do not require any payments or obligation for the initial consultation. After this case review, you will have the opportunity to retain our services on a contingency basis. In other words, if you don’t win your case you owe us nothing. Contact a Fresno car accident attorney at The May Firm today!

We’ll get you the medical treatment and compensation you deserve.

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