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Neck & Back Injury Lawyer in Escondido

After an Escondido accident in which you have suffered a back injury or a neck injury, you may find yourself experiencing severe pain. It may be challenging for you to work and accomplish your daily tasks. If someone is responsible for causing your back and back injuries, contact a Escondido neck & back injury lawyer who has experience to help you receive compensation for the damages that occurred.

Many neck and back injuries can have significant consequences that affect a victim for many years to come after the accident. For example, most people who have received a whiplash diagnosis may be under the impression that the symptoms associated with the whiplash will eventually subside.

However, whiplash symptoms and other neck and back injuries can persist for months or years after the accident.

The process of filing a legal claim can be overwhelming, but there are legal professionals who want to help you. As the victim of an accident, you do not have to be held responsible for another person’s negligent behavior which caused your injuries. The legal team at The May Firm has helped many victims with neck and back injuries because we understand how debilitating such injuries can be.

If you have been hurt, do not wait to schedule a consultation with an experienced injury lawyer. The right lawyer can help prepare you for what to expect during the claims process. The lawyers at The May Firm are here to help you- we care about you, your future, and your family.

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Soft Tissue Neck Injuries

All neck injuries can be very complex. It is common that when one portion of the neck is damaged, other locations may suffer as well. For example, the patient who has received a whiplash injury may also have muscle damage or ligament sprain. Soft tissue injuries are associated with damage to the muscles, ligaments or tendons. They may often be referenced as strains, sprains and contusions.

A victim of any soft tissue neck injury may be experiencing bruising, swelling, or pain. Although these injuries may sometimes heal without professional medical treatment, this rarely the case with a neck or back injury. The severe repercussions of neck and back injuries may lead to further medical treatment and numerous doctors’ visits. The victim may have to cope with the injuries for many years.


The most common type of injury sustained by a car accident victim is whiplash. Whiplash is caused when the head is violently thrown forward and then backwards in vehicle accident. Damage to the disks and the joints in the neck can occur as a result of whiplash. The spinal cord may also even be damaged as a result.

Symptoms of whiplash include tingling, weakness, stiffness, numbness, trouble sleeping or dizziness. Though whiplash generally does not threaten a victim’s life, it can continue to affect him or her for months or years to come.

Herniated Discs

A back or neck injury could manifest in the form of a herniated disc. A herniated disc occurs when a substance inside the disc is pushed out. The patient may be suffering numbness, weakness or pain due to the herniated disc. A herniated disc can form due to injuries sustained in car accidents. Any repeated stress to the joint can also cause the formation of a herniated disc. In certain situations, a herniated disk could even require surgery.

Muscle Strains

Muscles may tear or pull in the event of a car accident. In this situation, the muscles can become damaged and attack the tendons, which can cause a muscle strain. A patient suffering from muscle strain may experience bruises, open cuts, swelling, inability to use his or her muscles, or pain. Severe cases will require medical attention.

In the event that a recent car accident has led to a severe neck or back injury, consulting with a lawyer in Escondido as soon as possible is strongly recommended. Filing a personal injury claim can help the victim seek to win compensation for the damages of the injuries. Seeking compensation can be an important first step for a victim to recover monetary losses that occurred due to the accident.

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