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After you have been involved in an accident, whether it was as minor as an unexpected fall or as serious as a car accident, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. If you were involved in a car accident, one of your first concerns was likely the damage done to your vehicle. Vehicles can be very expensive to repair and insurance companies do not always make the process very easy.

If you were involved in an accident that resulted in property damage, such as a fall through a roof, you likely were more concerned about the hole in your ceiling than the pain in your shoulder. Whatever the nature of your accident, you were likely concerned about how many superficial things could go wrong before you worried about your health.

It is important to prioritize your health, even if you aren’t always aware of the extent of your injuries right away. A serious injury could immediately lead to a long recovery period and large medical bills, while a less-obvious but also serious injury, such as one to your shoulder, may have a negative impact on your life further down the road.

If you don’t seek adequate medical care, whether it’s because you don’t think you can afford it or because you don’t think you’re seriously injured, you could end up in a world of hurt.

One of the most common ailments is an injury to the shoulder. While not always readily apparent, shoulder injuries can occur anytime, anywhere, and in any capacity. They can be a result of overuse, occur during an accident, or exist because of someone else’s negligence. Whatever the cause, you should not be left to pick up the pieces alone, especially if your shoulder injury was not your fault.

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Common Shoulder Ailments

Shoulder injuries can assume many forms, ranging from a simple pull to dislocation and all-out amputation. Two of the most common forms of shoulder injuries include instability in the shoulder, shoulder impingement, and rotator cuff injuries.

Instability In The Shoulder

Instability occurs when a joint is moved out of its appropriate position. This is called instability, which can result from recurring dislocations of the shoulder. Instability may also occur after one serious dislocation, such as if the shoulder was not immediately returned to its appropriate position. Someone who suffers from instability in the shoulder will often experience significant pain while raising their arm. Other times, the joint will come out of place during normal activities, such as putting on clothes or showering. Instability can make performing basic, everyday functions of life very difficult.

Shoulder Impingement

Impingement can result from excessive rubbing between the top of the shoulder blade and the muscles in the shoulder. This condition is often very painful and can only be found with an MRI of the shoulder, which is often very expensive and can be time-consuming because MRI results are not instantaneous.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

The group of muscles and tendons that hold the shoulder together are called the rotator cuff (RC). The rotator cuff is a critical component to the proper function of the shoulder. The RC allows one to lift their shoulder above the head and to accomplish basic functions. Someone who suffers from a rotator cuff injury may have difficulty moving one or both of their arms and carrying out basic, everyday functions.

Shoulder Injuries are Common in Accidents

Shoulder injuries as a result of a car accident are common. While minor shoulder injuries may be manageable in the immediate future, they could lead to complications down the line if untreated or undertreated. Car accidents can also cause more severe shoulder injuries. A shoulder injury can be so severe that you are unable to work or to move around as easily as you would like to. Between the loss of wages from your inability to work due to your shoulder injury and the hospital bills from after the accident, you may be at a huge financial loss. You should not have to deal with the stress of a shoulder injury and trying to afford treatment alone.

Before You Lawyer Up

You need someone on your side after you injured your shoulder. Before meeting with a personal injury lawyer, contact your doctor right away to gather all of your medical records. If you were hurt in an accident that resulted in the police being called, contact the police department that responded and request a copy of the police report. The more documentation you are able to gather surrounding your injury, the more likely you will be to win in court.

It is important to understand that your shoulder injury must be a result of someone else’s actions or inactions. If someone else was responsible for the event leading up to your shoulder injury, they may be liable for damages. While shoulder injuries can occur for any reason, you are not entitled to compensation for an injury brought about by your own actions. If you climbed a tree and fell, the court will tell you that you are responsible for your own injuries. If someone pushed you out of that tree, however, the court will likely hold them responsible and require them to compensate you.

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