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Street racing is on the rise

In California, street racing (sometimes referred to as speed contests) has become a growing cause of serious driver injuries. In some regions of California, particularly in southern California, there is a well-established culture of street racing. Street racing is like drag racing, but instead of driving at a racetrack, these races are taking place along highways and on back roads. The highway system in California is not designed for multiple vehicles to race at high speeds (100+ miles per hour) but some people use it for that purpose anyway.

Street racing is very much illegal in California. This means that participant drivers are often found at-fault for the injuries they cause because they were breaking the law when the accident occurred.

Street racing causes significant personal injuries in California

Street racing usually involves multiple cars traveling at very high speeds along roadways with which drivers are unfamiliar. Typically, these roadways are not clear of other traffic or pedestrians. Victims of street racing accidents are usually innocent drivers who are rear ended by a sports car traveling at speeds in excess of 120mph. The May Firm has seen too many street racing accident cases in California involving innocent bystanders that were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent spectators to these illegal races will find themselves hurt when a driver racing a car loses control.

Unfortunately, the faster a car is moving prior to impact, the worse the injuries will be if the car crashes into a person or other object.

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Street racing accident statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for drivers aged 16 to 20. Most participants in illegal street racing nationwide are between the ages of 15 years old and 23 years old. Coincidence? No. It is also worth noting that the majority of drivers in street races are male. Roughly half of all street races occur on highways while the other half takes place on city (non-highway) streets. This might be surprising to some, given that highways tend to be straight roads with few obstacles. Regardless, it seems that street racers will race whenever and wherever they get the opportunity.

Little known dangers of street racing in California

Street racing can be dangerous in unexpected ways. High-speed collisions, particularly those that are head-on, tend to involve the engine catching fire and quickly engulfing the car in flames. Drivers in these types of races are almost never wearing the proper fireproof suit that professional race car drivers wear. More likely than not, anyone who comes running to help the driver escape the vehicle will be wearing clothes that provide zero protection against flames and explosions associated with the accident.

Street racing cases can involve the “rescue doctrine”. Under the rescue doctrine, Person A can sue person B for any injuries that they sustain while attempting to rescue Person B. The idea is that danger invites rescue – if you put yourself in a dangerous situation, it is foreseeable that someone would try to rescue you. If they get hurt in the process, you’re liable for their injuries. The rescue doctrine will come into play in street racing accidents if a bystander or someone else tries to rescue a driver after an accident. If the person helping is injured by a burning engine or a fuel fire, the driver is on the hook for the resulting injuries.

Why The May Firm?

The May Firm recognizes how dangerous street racing is and we know how to hold reckless drivers responsible for any injuries that they may cause to someone else. It’s one thing to put themselves at risk, but they are endangering anyone near the roadway by participating in a street race. If you or someone you love has been injured by a street racer, contact The May Firm!

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