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What is a head-on collision?

A head-on collision is exactly what it sounds like: it is when the front ends of two vehicles collide. A head-on collision could be a minor fender bender that occurs in a parking lot. In such a case, the injuries to the drivers and passengers, as well as the damage to the vehicles, tend to be relatively minimal. Typically most head-on collisions involve more serious injuries and damages to the vehicles involved

Head-on collisions can happen anytime, anywhere

There is one thing that is true of head-on collisions: they are unpredictable. Head-on collisions can happen anytime, anywhere, and involve anyone. Sometimes, they happen in crowded grocery store parking lots where visibility is limited due to parked vehicles. Someone who is eager to pass a slow vehicle might cause a head-on crash by crossing over a double-yellow line and slamming into a vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction. Although far less common, a head-on collision could also happen if a driver decides to drive up an exit ramp and travels in the wrong direction on the freeway.

Be cautious of other drivers and remain aware of yourself. If something happens, call a personal injury lawyer!

Head-on collisions can be deadly

It generally goes without saying that two vehicles smashing into one another head-on can have catastrophic consequences. The heaviest part of your average vehicle is the front end because this is where the engine sits. There is more of a risk of serious crush injuries to a driver if they are struck from the front than if they were rear-ended. Additionally, engines can and sometimes do catch fire after a crash. If this happens, occupants of the vehicle could be seriously burned – or worse.

Many of The May Firm’s head-on collision cases relate to an accident involving at least one car traveling at a higher rate of speed, often 50+ mph. When two several-thousand-pound objects collide at high speeds, the chance of an injury is very, very high.

Who is responsible in a head-on collision?

Determining who is at fault in a head-on car accident can be tricky depending on the facts of the accident. Sometimes, these crashes are truly accidental – a driver can’t see someone coming in a cramped parking lot and causes a collision. Other times, it’s more obvious that one of the drivers is culpable, such as if the driver is traveling on the wrong side of the road. In some cases, a third-party may even be at fault for the accident, like if they pull out suddenly and force a vehicle to swerve into oncoming traffic.

Fault is really determined on a case-by-case basis and may not always be as crystal-clear as you would hope. If you were involved in a head-on collision and want to know who will be found responsible, consult a personal injury lawyer at The May Firm who can help identify fault.

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What should I do if I’ve been hit head-on by another car?

A good rule of thumb if you’ve been in a head-on collision: call 911. It is important that all people involved in the accident receive emergency medical treatment. Calling 911 will ensure that emergency medical responders come to the scene of the accident. You are not required to take an ambulance, but if you would like to go to a hospital via ambulance, it will be there to transport you. Even if you feel like you’ve come out of the car accident unscathed, you want to make absolutely sure that you aren’t suffering from less immediately obvious injuries, such as a concussion or a fracture to your spine.

Calling 911 will also result in a police officer coming to investigate the scene of the accident. The responding officer will ask questions to all drivers, passengers, and any witnesses to the crash. Based on those statements and the officer’s observations of the scene, he or she will write a report and determine who was at fault. This report will be vital in ensuring that you are able to receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

It’s also important that you get to a safe place immediately, if you’re able to get out of the vehicle. You don’t want to risk being struck by another vehicle while you wait for help to arrive. If you are on a divided highway with two medians, try to get between the medians so that there is a concrete barrier between you and traffic in both directions.

Exchange insurance information with the other driver, even if you believe that they are at fault; this information will be necessary when filing a claim with your insurance company. You should contact a personal injury attorney with experience in handling head-on collision cases before reaching out to your insurance company. Your attorney will be able to file your claim for you so that the insurance company cannot twist your words and hold you responsible instead of the at-fault driver.

Why The May Firm?

The May Firm recognizes just how serious head-on collisions are and how serious the consequences can be for victims. We have worked with numerous clients who have suffered long-term or even life-long injuries because some other driver on the roadway decided to drive negligently. We have a support network of physicians, physical therapists, and surgeons who will take care of your physical needs while we take on the rest.

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