Were You Injured in a California Lyft Accident? Here’s What to Do

Getting into a Lyft accident can be unnerving. You’re minding your own business, trying to get a ride to work or to a night out, when your Lyft driver gets into a car accident. Regardless of whether it was your driver’s fault or not, you want to make sure that you’re covered if you suffer any injuries.

The silver lining about being in an accident as a Lyft passenger is that the company is extremely well insured for cases such as these. If you’ve been injured in a California Lyft accident, be sure to follow these steps.

1. Take pictures and talk to witnesses.

Don’t rely on your driver or the other party to gather enough evidence of what happened. Make it your duty to take photos, talk to people who saw what happened, and talk to the police with your own account of the events.

If your driver was at fault, they’re likely going to avoid admitting it or telling a completely truthful account of what happened so they don’t risk losing their job. Be sure that you are letting the police know what you saw as well so they can factor that into their accident report.

2. Get medical attention.

Be sure to go to a hospital or seek medical attention from an EMT should one arrive at the scene of the accident. Your first priority is to ensure you get your injuries attended to so you won’t suffer in the longterm.

As a passenger of a Lyft vehicle, you should have all damages compensated in the end, as their liability insurance is $1 million for injuries while driving you around.

3. Speak with a California auto accident lawyer.

Lyft accidents can sometimes be tricky to deal with, especially as laws are still being formed surrounding ridesharing apps and vehicles. This is why it’s a good idea to consult an auto accident attorney shortly after your accident, especially if you were injured.

If you were the passenger of a Lyft vehicle, this is when they have the most insurance coverage and it should be no problem getting the compensation you deserve.

However, if the Lyft driver does not currently have a passenger, and you were in an accident with them in another vehicle, their insurance coverage is much, much lower.

If a Lyft driver is not currently working, only their personal auto insurance applies. If they are currently looking for a passenger but do not have one at the time of the accident, their liability covers up to $50,000/person for injuries, $100,000/accident for injuries, and $25,000/accident for damages. If they do have a passenger, their total liability insurance goes up to $1,000,000 from the time the driver accepts the ride request up to the when they drop off their passenger.

Understanding how accidents with Lyft drivers work can help tremendously should you be in an accident with one. If you were injured in a Lyft accident, call The May Firm today.

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