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Automobiles represent a relatively recent invention in human history. A little more than a century ago, they went into mass production and driving became a common task as people used cars to transport goods and to get from one place to another. As cars became bigger, heavier and faster and more people began to drive, auto accidents worsened in frequency and severity. Auto accident lawsuits also became more common as people realized that there were legal methods of satisfaction after a crash.

Auto Accident Lawsuits Increase as Deaths Increase

Auto accidents are now one of the world’s leading cause of death by injury. In fact, road traffic accidents are ranked tenth among all causes of death around the globe. Over one million people die in car accidents every year. As more drivers get onto the road due to the proliferation of cars in countries that had many fewer drivers just a short time ago, experts expect death by auto accident to become the third-leading cause of death globally. In the state of California alone, there were more than 4,200 car accidents in 2006. Nearly 1,800 of these accidents were fatal. Many car accidents appear to be caused by the consumption of alcohol. As the number of fatal auto accidents occur the number of auto accident lawsuits increase as well.

Auto Accident Lawsuit | Automobile Safety

Over time, innovative safety measures have helped prevent many deaths but have still not kept the total number of fatalities from climbing. Seat belts were one of the earliest inventions designed to protect drivers. They kept passengers from being thrown into their dashboard or flung from the vehicle during high-energy impacts. Two safety inventions have come to complement the seat belt’s protective capacity. Air bags, which came into existence in the 1970s but have only become common in the last decade, cushion a person’s body during impact. Crumple zones are incorporated into the designs of cars to allow them to absorb the energy of a crash in such a way that the passenger space remains intact.
The ages of drivers that have been in accidents are a source of great controversy and concern. Many voices have loudly proclaimed that the driving age should be increased because younger drivers cause more accidents. The truth in regard to the relationship between age and safe driving habits is probably very complex. However, a quick look at auto accident statistics in the USA does not demonstrate an inordinate number of fatal crashes involving young drivers. Out of a total of more than 45,000 drivers involved in fatal crashes in the USA in 2009, only a little more than 5,000 were between the ages of 16-20. Half that number were drivers over the age of 75, another age group that has come under fire for responsibility in auto accidents. There have been movements to create greater restrictions on licenses for both young and old drivers.

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Various groups have addressed different aspects of auto accident fatalities. Some groups stress education about the effectiveness of safety measures. The role of alcohol in road fatalities is also undeniable. Significant restrictions have been placed on the amount of alcohol a person may have in his or her blood and still legally drive. If you were in an auto accident you need need to speak with a personal injury attorney today to discuss your potential auto accident lawsuit .

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