Skateboard Accident Lawyer

Did “Marty McFly” (played by Michael J. Fox) need a skateboard accident lawyer? Remember the famous skateboard chase scene in the movie “Back To the Future.” He outmaneuvered Biff with a make-shift skateboard and forced him to run smack into a truck loaded with manure. I think that movie was pivotal to so many young people getting involved in the sport.

Skateboarding is a fun aerobic activity to many, others may see this sport as a invitation for injury. However, as it turns out, many of the approximately 50,000 skateboarder emergency room visits for a skateboarding accident injury are the fault of someone besides the skateboarder, at least partially so, and this can be good grounds of a personal injury law suit. If you have been injured while riding a skateboard due to the negligence of another, then call a Fresno skateboard accident injury lawyer at The May Firm.

California Skateboarding Accident Injury Law

When assigning fault to a skateboarding injury, it could be helpful to consider the following real world examples of real life situations our attorneys have dealt with in past skateboard accident injury claims.

Driver Rushing To Get to Appointment Strikes Skateboarder

A man is in a hurry to get to his next appointment. As a result, he drives 45 mph in a posted 25 mph school zone. There are flashing yellow warning lights that draw attention to the fact that children are arriving at the local junior high school. The man ignores these speed limit signs and the flashing warning lights and speeds on through. A 12 year old boy is skateboarding along and swerves slightly into the traffic lane. The man sees the skateboarder and tries to brake but the driver is going too fast to stop in time. He hits the boy who is thrown into the air and lands violently on his head. The boy was wearing a helmet, but suffered severe head trauma as the result of the carelessness of an adult man who should know better. Yes, the 12 year old boy swerved, but who is at fault here?

Skateboarder on a Public Skateboard Ramp is Injured Due to Disrepair

A family is visiting a local park on a warm Saturday afternoon. The teenager brings along her skateboard to practice in the skate park. There is a large crack in one of the ramps and she flips and falls, damaging her spine. This crack had been reported to the city 3 previous times in the last 4 months but they did not fix it, nor did they post warning signs or close down the skate park. In this case, the city may be liable for the damages to this young woman. Even if the teenager saw the crack before she started, who is at fault?

Skateboarder Using Designated Pedestrian Zone Struck by Careless Driver

A young college man is using his skateboard as transportation to get to class. As he goes through a pedestrian right of way, he is hit by a car. The driver of the car wasn’t paying close enough attention to see the skateboarder as he was fiddling with his radio at the time. In this case, is it the carelessness of the driver that causes the skateboarding accident? Or, was the skateboarder traveling through an area designated for pedestrians at fault?

Is it Fair to Bring a Defective Helmet Lawsuit

A young man is learning to skateboard at home on his own driveway. He is wearing all of his protective gear in the correct way. He falls and bangs his head against the concrete. The helmet he is wearing cracks open and he suffers a concussion. An expert who examines the cracked helmet determines that the helmet is defective. A lawsuit is brought against the manufacturer because of the equipment failure. Is this fair?

These scenarios, and many others, are create the questions that lead concerned parents to call The May Firm. Skateboard injury statistics, indicate that nearly fifty (50) percent of all sports related head injuries to children are from bicycling and skateboarding. So it is critical that all skateboarders, especially children, wear a helmet when skateboarding. f you have any questions about a specific skateboarding accident injury claim, or general questions about California skateboarding law, let our attorneys answer your questions.

When Should You Call A Skateboard Injury Lawyer?

Reckless and/or negligent behavior can result in horrible skateboarding injuries. Our skateboard injury lawyers have seen clients left with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), concussions, broken bones, permanent or temporary paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and even death. If you or your loved one has been hurt due to the fault of another, you deserve fair compensation. Defects in the manufacturing of skateboards and skateboarding protective gear, especially helmets, may also cause a skateboarding accident which could result in a case against the manufacturer. Speak with a skateboarding accident attorney if you have any questions about your situation.

The Skateboard Accident Injury Attorneys at The May Firm

At The May Firm, our experienced skateboarding accident injury lawyers in California, are always available. You can reach us at at (844) MAYFIRM. We take all cases on contingency and we provide a free initial consultation to evaluate your case. The worst skateboarding accidents cause life changing injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. Our team of lawyers are sensitive to the emotional needs of our clients during very trying times and are glad to ease the burden by taking on the legal side of the situation.