How A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Handles Your Claim

Each year in the U.S., millions of people are injured in car accidents, resulting in billions of dollars in medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In fact, the National Safety Council (NSC) reports that in 2015, the costs associated with motor vehicle accidents topped $412 billion, resulting in significant and even devastating financial burdens for many accident victims.

Why are costs so high? The rising cost of health care is one issue: Considering an average emergency room visit can be thousands of dollars, it’s easy to see how costs can quickly add up. And that doesn’t take into account the long-term financial implications, like follow-up doctor visits, ongoing medical care and therapy, pain and suffering, or lost income.

Why You Need an Accident Attorney

Seeking damages in a motor vehicle accident is a complex process, and often, insurance companies will try to convince you of the benefits of accepting their initial offer simply to make the process “easier” for you. But the fact is, just like any other business, insurance companies want to protect their own assets whenever possible, and that means the settlements they offer are designed to look out for their own interests, not yours.

Accepting an accident settlement on your own, without the professional guidance of your lawyer, often means you’ll wind up shouldering a fair portion of the long-term costs of an accident on your own. And those settlements rarely – if ever – take non-economic losses like pain and suffering into account, nor do they consider long-term costs like ongoing therapy or future lost earnings. That’s why it’s so essential to consult with your accident attorney following any type of motor vehicle accident – even a seemingly minor one. After all, even a minor “fender-bender” can result in whiplash or other nerve damage that can cause pain for years afterward, yet most insurance companies take only immediate costs into account when making their offers.

Make Sure You Have An Attorney in Your Corner

Insurance companies have hired their legal teams specifically to protect their interests; it just makes sense to have a personal accident attorney to protect yours. At The May Firm, our experienced accident lawyers work closely with each client, gathering evidence and testimony aimed at supporting your claim so you can feel confident you’ll receive the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys have extensive experience in successfully handling motor vehicle accident claims, ensuring our clients’ rights are fully protected and aggressively represented. We work tirelessly to settle claims out of court, and we’re prepared to present each case in front of a jury when insurance companies refuse to settle in our clients’ favor.

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