Holiday Tour Bus Crashes Killing 13 People

Holiday Tour Bus Crashes Killing 13 People

According to Los Angeles Times, passengers of USA Holiday tour bus were returning to Los Angeles from a night out of the casino near Salton Sea. Many Holiday tour Bus passengers understandably had fallen asleep on the 10-freeway returning home to Los Angeles, California. Passengers ended up receiving more than what they gambled for.

On Sunday October 23, 2016 at 5:17 am, passengers was awakened by screams and cries of pain and suffering. The tour bus crashed into a big rig truck near Palm Springs Desert. There were thirteen fatalities and 31 others injured as a result. “I was awakened by the sounds of people screaming for help,” said passenger  Ana Car, 61. “I noticed a heavyset woman lying in the center aisle to my right yelling, ‘My legs! My legs!’” The front third of the tour bus cabin were obliterated. Evidence has proven that most of the fatalities came from victims sitting in the front of the tour bus.

Both Federal and local investigators are considering all possible causes of the incident. Investigators are unaware if the cause was due to speeding, influence of drugs or alcohol, falling asleep at the wheel, medical issue or a mechanical malfunction. Police investigators advised that it is too soon to conclude whether the tour bus driver, who died in the crash, was speeding. Although, the cause may never be revealed due to the driver being killed in the crash. Similarly, authorities expect to retrieve a data monitor that would reveal how fast the tour bus was traveling. The data monitoring devise can also prove whether or not the driver broke prior to impacting the big rig. “In almost 35 years, I’ve never been to a crash where there’s been 13 confirmed fatalities,” said California Highway Patrol Border Division Chief Jim Abele. “It’s tough … you never get used to this.”

Moreover, the front of the Holiday tour bus were demolished. This indication proposes the bus was traveling much faster than the big rig truck. Additionally, the tour bus did not supply seat belts. Therefore, some victims who survived suffered major injuries. The facial injuries sustained are so intense, it will require plastic surgery.

There were white body bags on the side of the road. Carpeted seats and debris thrown all over the road. It is difficult to grasp that this cleaned freeway were once a feared annihilation.

Some passengers were not carrying their identification with them. Consequently, identifying the victims as well as survivors could possibly take days. Families have been traveling to numerous hospitals, hoping to find their loved ones alive. Sadly, some families learned that their final search resulted at the coroner’s office.

The victims used USA Holiday Tour Bus to travel to casinos for well deserved enjoyment. The passengers simply wanted to gamble with their money. As a result, some inadvertently gambled their life and lost.


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