Gaps in Treatment Will Hurt Your Personal Injury Case
If You Don’t Get Medical Treatment – It Will Hurt Your Case

As a personal injury attorney,  I constantly have potential clients calling the office seeking legal representation and medical treatment. One of the most important aspects to a personal injury case is: 1) Being injured; and 2) Documenting your injuries by seeking medical treatment. Gaps in treatment do not benefit the outcome of your case. A “Gap” in treatment is the time after an accident that goes by without the injured personal seeking any medical treatment – going to the emergency room, seeing a primary care physician or treating with a chiropractor. It is imperative to receive immediate care for any injuries that are a result of the accident in order to prove your case. The longer the Gap, the less likely insurance companies are to consider that your injuries were caused by the accident or were serious and deserving of financial compensation. Insurance companies regard injuries that receive delayed treatment to mean that your injuries were not serious enough for you to get treatment so why should they (insurance company) now be responsible. At The May Firm, we recommend immediate and consistent treatment for your injuries.

Treatment Is Not For “The Case” It Is For You

It can be easy to ignore physical injuries in light of the other stressful factors that come with the fallout of an accident. However, it is absolutely important to take care of your physical health immediately following an accident. Injuries that do not receive immediate care after an accident are more likely to cause increased physical pain over time. Not all injuries sustained in an accident are visible to the naked eye. For example, many clients suffer disc herniation in their spine after a car accident and don’t know if for months and even years. If you hire The May Firm, we will assist you in getting the best care right away so you can go back to living your life.
Any type of pain experienced after an accident must receive medical care. Injuries such as nerve damage and internal bruising are more difficult to detect because they do not bear themselves on the outer body. However, these injuries can have severe lifelong effects on the body if they go untreated. The longer treatment is delayed for such injuries, the greater amount of physical damage and pain will be sustained as a result. Often times, untreated injuries turn into chronic conditions that can become permanent. Do not ignore the physical well-being of your body. This can have long-term negative results and cause greater damage in the long run.

How To Get Medical Treatment Without Any Out-of-Pocket Costs

The May Firm has a community of medical providers it is partnered with in order to provide medical treatment that will be of no immediate out-of-pocket cost. We understand it is often the cost of medical treatment that prevents our clients from receiving care for their injuries. However, due to the imperative nature of avoiding gaps in treatment we have relationships with first class health care providers of all types to ensure your physical well-being and the viability of your case. Throughout your case we will connect you with local health care providers who can give you the highest quality treatment you need to ensure your upmost physical well-being. We want to make sure that any long-term negative effects to your physical health are avoided. We also want to ensure that you receive just compensation for the accident.

Avoid Gaps In Treatment | Contact An Injury Lawyer Immediately

If you have been in an accident, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. They will be able to get you into treatment right away at no cost to you. Hiring an attorney will assist you in getting medical treatment, which leads to a faster physical recovery and a better financial recovery for you. If you have any questions, call The May Firm at (888) 510-2933 or submit an online inquiry. We are here to help and the consultation is free.

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