Fresno Construction Site Injury Lawyers

Construction sites are rife with danger. There can be scaffolding falls, injuries due to defective machinery, injuries due to malfunctions in protective gear, head injuries due to falling objects, electrical injuries, unexpected or mistimed explosions, chemical injuries, injuries caused by subcontractors, car collisions on road construction sites, hearing injuries due to exceeding loud noises without the right protective gear, and many other types of injuries you would not expect in other work environments.

Frightening Construction Accident Statistics

According to the United States Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry has about 6 percent of the total American workforce but about 20 percent of the total work related fatalities. This is disproportionate to say the least. In fact, the construction sector beats out all other work sectors in fatality and serious injury stats. To drive this point home, approximately 10 percent of all construction workers will be significantly injured in any given year!

The Impact of Construction Accident Injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance does not even begin to cover the personal injuries many construction site accidents entail. Lost wages and medical bills are just the beginning. The pain and suffering that one endures can be tremendous. Quality of life issues are often permanent and very serious. Amputations can leave one unable to perform future work or even enjoy the simple things in life like a leisurely stroll in the park or “playing horse” with a first grandchild. Head injuries can result in a lifetime of decreased motor skills, memory losses, speech impediments, and mental impairment. To make things worse, problems stemming from head injuries don’t always show up right away, sometimes appearing months or even years later. Head injuries can also exacerbate other ailments later in life such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Construction Accident Risk Factors

By its nature, construction work is inherently dangerous. However, the level of danger is also often unnecessarily high as careless individuals take actions that put construction workers at unneeded higher levels of risk. Cutting corners in an effort to make more profit on a job by the primary contractor and/or the subcontractor(s) can also lead to unnecessarily dangerous conditions. Negligence can also come into play on construction site accidents if land owners have been remiss in taking certain precautions and/or disclosing certain information. Keep in mind too that land owners can be private or public entities and the way a good lawyer deals with each may be different.

No Light Mistakes

Equipment failures can be tragic on construction sites. Think about this. In an office setting, the most common equipment failure is probably the copy machine getting paper jammed. Frustrating but no one gets hurt, except for the occasional paper cut! On a construction site, an equipment failure may mean someone gets hit or crushed with a steel object. Even if a worker is wearing a hard hat, this may result in a significant head injury. Other equipment failures may result in workers falling dozens of feet onto to a hard surface. In fact, fall injuries are the most common type of injury on construction sites, according to OSHA.

Experienced Fresno Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction site accidents can be rather complicated. For example, there may be multiple parties who share responsibility for a single accident. This is one of the reasons the injured party needs to be represented by a top Fresno California accident lawyer who can sort through all the details and determine the best strategy for the worker to be fairly compensated. Often times, various types of experts must be brought in to analyze the conditions of the accident to fully understand what parties are responsible and exactly how the accident came to be. An experienced construction accident lawyer will know exactly who to contact for this expert analysis and potential expert testimony.

Let Our Construction Accident Attorneys Help

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