Brain Injury Lawyer In San Luis Obispo, CA

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) affects an alarming number of individuals in the United States every year. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) TBI is defined as a trauma or injury to the head that interrupts normal functioning of the brain. High numbers of permanent disabilities, even death, can be attributed to TBI, approximately 1.7 billion cases a year. Many cases are diagnosed as mild, but the cost of these injuries is still astronomical, with annual related expenses exceeding 76 billion dollars. In California, alone, almost 30,000 of these injuries are severe enough to require hospitalization. The average California brain injury victim is unprepared to negotiate the complexities of TBI, its needed aftercare, and legal complexities. For this reason, anyone who has suffered, or has a loved one who has suffered with a brain injury, should consult a brain injury lawyer CA to ensure they will have access to the best resources for the long road to recuperation or compensation.

Understanding Brain Injuries and their Effects

According to the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), TBI can be rated as mild to severe on a scale of three to fifteen with a three being the most debilitating rating. It can affect cognitive, motor, emotional, and sensory capabilities. Brain Injuries can result in a severe degree of paralysis, seizures, problems with anxiety, other debilitating conditions, and even death. To minimize the effects of severe TBI, immediate and aggressive treatment is necessary. Unfortunately, such treatment is time consuming and expensive. Victims of this far reaching trauma, and their loved ones, are unprepared to deal with the repercussions. California, like any other state, has its own medical and legal intricacies that can only be addressed by an attorney with the appropriate background. An injury lawyer well versed in this phenomenon, as well as the legal implications that surround it, will be able to help.

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

Experienced brain injury lawyers will be able to understand the physiological effects of trauma as specifically related to different parts of the human anatomy associated with TBI. They will understand injuries to the spinal cord, or different parts of the brain, as incurred through a traumatic birth, an automobile accident, a fall, or more, as well as the resulting condition(s). Good brain injury lawyers will be able to direct a client to the many services pertinent to their case. For example, California has an extensive list of Caregiver Resource Centers to help in the future care of those injured. Specialized lawyers are prepared to advocate for their clients in the pursuit of the best medical supplies, therapy, and care through their ordeal.

Last, and of vital import, they understand the practical side of a situation that is fraught with emotion. They know, through extensive experience, that hospitalization and medical needs, as well as lost wages, carry an exorbitant price tag. What’s more, they recognize the fact that, although a monetary value cannot be applied to pain and suffering, some compensation is in order. They will attend to the difficult, but necessary, financial aspects.

Contact a San Luis Obispo Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic Brain injury has affected more people than breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, and MS combined. In California, anyone who has suffered or has had a loved one suffer with such a devastating event needs to contact a brain injury lawyer. It is only through legal help backed by a high degree of expertise that they can be sure they will receive the best care available to them.

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