How to Find the Best San Luis Obispo Injury Lawyers

How to Find the Best San Luis Obispo Injury Lawyers

How should you find a San Luis Obispo injury lawyer? you are injured, finding the right injury lawyer in San Luis Obispo can significantly reduce your stress level and make a bad situation much more bearable. Moreover, an experienced injury lawyer can make sure your rights are protected and that you are fully and fairly compensated for your injuries.

Where to Find an Injury Lawyer in San Luis Obispo California:

Many people find injury lawyers by perusing the yellow pages of the phone book. Others find injury lawyers by scrolling through lawyer directors online or by going through an online lawyer referral service. However, I want you to keep a few things in mind if you choose these methods of finding a lawyer. Please understand that I’m going to be blunt to make sure my points are clear. First, the worst and/or least experienced lawyer can take out the biggest most professional looking ad in the yellow pages. I’m just saying that you can’t judge a lawyer by the ad they run in the yellow pages! Second, almost every lawyer in a certain geographic area, such as San Luis Obispo California, will be included in an online lawyer directory for that region so a directory is not going to help you narrow down the choices. Third, some directories allow lawyers to pay for a “premium” listing which puts their listing at the top and sometimes allows them to add more information and/or make their listing stand out more in some way. Again, this can be done by the worst and/or least experienced lawyer and is probably not the best way to shop for a lawyer. Fourth, even if a directory or referral service tells you that a certain lawyer has been practicing for decades and is in good standing, this does not mean they have a lot of experience and/or success in the specific type of injury law you need.

How To Choose the Right Injury Attorney

The best way to find an injury lawyer in San Luis Obispo California is to look for personal reviews/recommendations and personally interview lawyers. Remember too, you are interviewing their support staff as well. Does the receptionist treat you in a professional way and take your message(s) accurately? Are you given a prompt appointment? Is it easy to get in touch with a real human being rather than voice mail? Do you get to meet directly with the lawyer(s) who would be handing your case or do they pass you off to a legal assistant? Do you get to meet others who would be helping with your case? What is your impression of them?

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing an Injury Lawyer:

Besides the personal connection you get from your potential lawyer when you meet with them in person, which is certainly important, you also want to find out more about their track record and experience. Approximately how many cases like yours have they handled before? Were they successful in getting a good settlement in these specific types of cases? Did they win in court if a settlement was not reached beforehand? Be sure to ask them if they have handled cases that are specifically like yours. For example, if you have been personally injured on the job at a construction site and the lawyer you are meeting with is a personal injury lawyer but has never handled that particular type of personal injury, you may want to continue shopping for the right lawyer. Remember, personal injury is a very broad field of law and you need an injury lawyer who has handled your specific type of case before and has had success.

Free Case Consultations

The May Firm specializes in personal injury cases and we have handled numerous personal injury cases in San Luis Obispo County . Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (805) 980-7758 so we can meet in person. We would be happy to go over our track record with you and discuss your specific case. We treat all our clients with the utmost respect and dignity and we have compassion for the personal tragedy that personal injuries can inflict. To speak with an injury attorney, call The May Firm for a free consultation. If you want to learn more about to expect at an injury consultation, click here.

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