Best California Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Best California Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

The elderly are among our most vulnerable citizens. Many elderly citizens, after leading productive lives and raising families, become unable to take care of their own daily needs. In some cases, younger family members can step in and provide the needed assistance. However, all too often, the burden is just too great for the younger family member(s) to handle even when they love their elderly family member dearly and want to do everything they can to make their life the best it can be under the circumstances. In these unfortunate cases, unless the family or the elderly person herself or himself can afford to hire private nursing care, which can be off the charts expensive, the elderly family member must be placed in a nursing home for around the clock monitoring and care.

Everyone Deserves Great Nursing Care

No one wants to place their family member in a nursing home because we’ve all heard the horror stories. However, sometimes there is just no other choice available. Under these “last resort” circumstances, families are forced to depend on the nursing home staff to care for their loved ones with dignity and respect, to attend to all their medical needs in a professional way, and to assist their loved one with their daily living needs to the full degree that is needed. Families hope that the doctors, nurses, CNAs (certified nursing assistants), and administrators will do right by their loved one. They want to believe they have found the exceptional nursing home where neglect is not an issue. All too often, however, no matter how careful families are in picking a nursing home, the nursing home they picked falls far short in caring for their loved one. Negligence cases are all too common.

Are Nursing Homes Too Focused on the Dollar?

No matter what impression they try to give you, almost all nursing homes are run like a business. In fact, many nursing homes, even small ones, are run by big corporations that own many nursing homes, sometimes across several states. The most important bottom line for most nursing homes is profitability, not what’s printed in the glossy brochure they hand out to families looking for a nice place for mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, and other loved ones. It is very sad but also very true that resident care is secondary to making money for most nursing homes. In fact, nursing homes aren’t just striving to be profitable, they are trying to maximize their profits. This is one of the reasons they have such a high turn-over rate among nurses and CNAs. Many of these professionals come in wanting to do the right thing only to find they can’t given the way the nursing home is run. Many of them just can’t take the rampant neglect they see in nursing homes and the cover-ups they are expected to participate in. They often move on to a different type of work environment sadder but wiser about how the world really works.

What Causes Nursing Home Neglect?

The most vulnerable among the nursing home residents are those who have had strokes or equally debilitating medical issues and require full care for all of their needs. In these cases, they may not be able to communicate to their family members the inappropriate things that may be going on inside a nursing home. No matter how often family members visit their loved one, they often can’t detect all forms of negligence until the evidence becomes overwhelming and their loved ones become very ill, depressed, or die. Nursing homes often do their best to cover up mishaps. They also assign so many residents for each nurse and CNA that they can’t possibly provide adequate care for every resident, even if they want to.

Take A Stance Against Nursing Home Negligence

It is heart wrenching to discover that your family member has been neglected and/or mistreated in a nursing home. When this happens, quite frankly, the system is stacked against you without the help of a good attorney who knows the system very well. Without this type of powerful legal advocate working with you to help your loved one, it is easy for the family and the elderly resident of the nursing home to be railroaded over by the system. Nursing homes are quite adept at creating a paper trail that covers up the neglect that has actually occurred. They are also notorious for falsely claiming the family member(s) is being unreasonable. In these situations, don’t spin your wheels trying to work with them, get a personal injury attorney immediately… and get a good one because you will need it to fight the system.

Find A California Nursing Home Neglect Law Firm

For the most reliable attorney for nursing home neglect cases in California, please contact us at the May Firm. We truly care about neglect in nursing homes and we feel for the predicament that families often find themselves in when they discover this has occurred. It can be one of the most heart breaking experiences in your whole life to discover your elderly loved one has been neglected by those in charge of their care. We understand that you need legal help to fight the system and we have the experience to help you win these emotionally difficult cases.

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